Commercial & Residential Construction Projects


Crafted for both aesthetic appeal and functionality, our expertise lies in maximizing space utilization. Whether it's building vertically or efficiently utilizing limited space, we ensure a striking and efficient result.

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A significant portion of our portfolio thrives in the commercial real estate sector. We specialize in creating luxurious condominiums that embody elegance and sustainability. Our focus remains on crafting spaces that are not just visually appealing, but also environmentally responsible and functional investments.


Envision your dream home with our team of skilled professionals. We specialize in designing and building homes that reflect your vision and lifestyle. Additionally, explore our extensive range of porcelain tiles from our esteemed partner, ROCA.

Latest completed Projects

650 Euclid av.

Structural Repair, remodeling, and condo conversion of 8 apartments.

Doorset Hotel

Hotel Lobby remodeling

Astor Hotel

Rooms remodeling

Edgewater Hotel

Lobby and restaurant construction

Historic City Hall Miami Beach

Total remodeling of Historic City Hall Tower and courthouse on Washington Av. Miami Beach Beach

Portofino Tower

Structural Repair, remodeling of Portofino Tower Garage, Gym, Bathrooms, Planters, Driveway, and Common areas in Miami Beach with high-end construction

Portofino Tower Penthouse

Total remodeling of 3,600 sf

Tommy Bahamas store

Lincoln Rd. store

Pianegonda jewelry

Jewelry store Lincoln rd.

Casa Tua restaurant

Remodeling of Bathrooms, bedrooms, and common areas high-end construction

Segafredo Lincoln Rd.

Remodeling of bathroom

La Gastronomia Restaurant

Remodeling of a restaurant in Coral Gables


Restaurant construction

Mint Ultra lounge

Structural work and remodeling of Mint Club Miami Beach

Bamboo Club

Bamboo Club total Built-out and Structural work in Miami Beach Washington av.

Big Fish Restaurant

Total Built-out and Structural work

Setai Condominium

Two apartments build-out


Two apartments build-out high-end construction

Cibo Restaurant structural work

13,000 sf structural and foundation work

Bristol Tower

Two apartment remodeling

Puntino Restaurants

Three restaurants build out and Structural work for Puntino Group

The commodore key Biscayne

One apartment remodeling

Sunset Island Houses

Two new houses in Miami Beach

West avenue Villa

Total Build-out

1542 Washington av Building

Total Build-out and structural work


Restaurant remodeling

Rossano ferretti saloon

Remodeling of saloon in Coral Gables

Bently Bay apartments

Two apartments 

Fresco Restaurant Ocean Dr.

Total Build-out

9 Island apartment

Total remodeling

Petit Restaurant

Total Build-out

Chocolat clothing store

Total Build-out Lincoln Rd.

The Waverly condominium

Apartment remodeling

Octagonal Building South Beach

Total Remodeling

Vita Restaurant

Total Remodeling and structural work in Miami Beach

Le Kabab restaurant brickell Av.

Total Buildout

Drawbridge 12 St. Miami

Subcontracted by Kiewit Southern for control tower construction

Benetton Store

Clothing store Miami Beach

Fisher Island 

Apartment build-out and structural work  3600 sf.

Waltco Metal Junk Yard

42,000 sf. Slab structural repair

4000 Tower Terrace PH

3800 sf. Penth house build-out and structural work

West Miami new house

2,400 sf. new construction

1450 Brickell av.

2,350 sf build-out apartment

Doral Warehouse

Approx 30,000 sf structural slab repair

North Miami multifamily building

Structural repair

Key Biscayne

New Home ground-up addition.

Bristol Tower

Apartment buildout 2000sf.

Collier Mosquito Control District Hangar

Structural repair 



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